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  • It takes only one week to remove the dead skin cells from the sole which means only one application to make your sole like a baby’s
  • Baby Foot Exfoliant foot peel pack is an easy three-step process: apply, soak, then wash away
  • Baby Foot easy pack 1.2 fl oz.(30ml) per foot X 2
  • 1 pair, product with good quality
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How to use:
-Thoroughly wash your feet (soaking in hot water will enhance the essence's absorption).
For people with extremely rough cuticles, you may also exfoliate your feet prior using the masks.
- Dry your feet.
-Remove the masks from the pouch and wear them as if you are wearing your socks.
-It is recommended to wear a pair of normal socks outside of the masks, this will ensure that the
masks stay in place and facilitate your movement.
-Wear the masks for 1-2 hours (minimum 30 minutes for sensitive skin). You may experience
tingling or warming sensation, this indicates that the masks are working. Stop using if you
experience uncomfortable burning sensation.
-Remove the mask and rinse your feet with water.
-Wait for the peeling process to start. Depending on feet's condition, the entire process may take
7-15 days, or longer depending on the absorption of each person (I only started peeling after 10 days).
Note: It is normal that some people may experience excessive peeling whereas others may
experience very little peeling after the first pair. You may restart the process after 20-30 days
(when the peeling has stopped) to achieve the desired effect.
- When you see that your feet has started peeling, soaking in warm water every night is highly
recommended (adding some vinegar is good too). You may use a feet exfoliating tool
to help to you remove the dead skin (be gentle). Try not to apply lotion/moisturizer because
you want your dead skin to peel off.
For best results: if you don't see peeling within 7 days, you may use another mask to enhance
absorption and expedite peeling. This is not recommended if you have newly peeled skin or


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January 22, 2018
This didnt work but my feet are super dry now!

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